When you take your poinsettia home, your plant should not be exposed to the freezing conditions for more than a quick trip to your car.  Do not leave you poinsettia in your car while you finish shopping.  If the poinsettia is too cold, it may begin to drop its leaves.  Upon returning home, immediately remove the plastic sleeve by gently sliding it down at the base of the pot until the plant is exposed.

Find a place for your plant that is not exposed to cold drafts and away from heat from appliances or ventilation ducts.  Your poinsettia will last the longest if it is given bright natural light and should never be allowed to totally dry out, as this will cause the leaves to yellow and fall off.  Also, the color of your poinsettia will last longer with temperatures of not more than 75 degrees daytime and night temperatures between 60-65 degrees.

A poinsettia is sensitive to both over and under watering, as both may result in a plant with yellowing leaves.  Many people have had very good luck with placing 1-2 regular size ice cubes in a 6” pot each day.  Otherwise, the traditional method would be to take your plant to a kitchen sink and remove it from its pot cover or foil.  Next water the plant thoroughly until you see some water dripping through the bottom of the pot.  You will need to allow the water to drain for a few minutes then return the plant to its pot cover or foil.  The plant will need to be watered again in 2 or more days depending on the amount of sunlight and heat in the home.  Before watering again, the plant should begin to feel lighter when it is picked up. 



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