Isn’t it great when the new magazines come out with the new plants and designs for Spring? Or did you see this awesome plant on Pinterest and want to order it before you forget? 

When this usually happens, it's winter and you have to wait. Not anymore with The Grainery’s Plant Preorder Program! Never worry about the newest plant or your favorites selling out before you can stop in once Spring rolls around. With The Grainery’s Plant Preorder Program, order your favorites during the cold of winter and pick them up in the Spring. We will even call you when the product is ready! Can’t make it in with your busy schedule? Ask us to deliver!  

We require the full payment on your order at checkout.  If you make a mistake, need to add more, or decide to cancel, you have up until April 1st to make changes to any plant preorder. All plants must be picked up or delivered before June 1st. It is that easy!


Restrictions and Rules

  • Any changes to a preorder can be done by contacting The Grainery by phone or email.  All changes to an order must be done before April 1st.
  • All preorders placed will be informed of pickup/delivery availability by phone and/or email.  To encourage accurate and timely pickup/delivery on orders, a pickup/delivery “date and time” will be made at availability contact. 
  • Some plants at the Grainery will not be offered on the website or in The Grainery’s Plant Preorder Program
  • Plants can be preordered until the quantity available is sold out. New quantities may be added at any time. 
  • ALL PREORDER PLANTS MUST BE PICKED UP BEFORE JUNE 1st.  Any plant NOT picked up by June 1st will be forfeited along with the down payment.
  • After April 1st, all cancelations will forfeit their down payment on all canceled plant preorders. Any additions may be added at the preorder price until the option to preorder is no longer available.
  • Delivery charges may apply.
  • Any price change after the program ends will not affect the locked-in plant prices on the products already preordered.  


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